The Art and Science of Effectively Creating Value

[/fusion_content_box][/fusion_content_boxes] An Application of DBM® with John McWhirter, Creator of DBM® (Presented in English with Sequential Spanish Translation) Before modern humans there were no values in the world. That is, values, as we humans experience and understand them. While ma [...]

Relationships Relating Roles and Masks – The Art and Science of Effective Relating

A defining feature of being human is our need to relate. We are social animals and all social animals need to learn to relate effectively if they are to be successful in their social group. This social relating is a “Subjective Relating” and includes many elements such as bonding, attending, respond [...]

The Art and Science of Effective Communication and Developmental Negotiation

An application of DBM ® Madrid 6th - 9th December 2012 (para ver este curso en castellano pincha aquí) Our ability as humans to communicate is universally acknowledged as one of the defining features of being human. Our individual ability to communicate well is central in all that we do in life. Dif [...]

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